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Changes in lifestyle, Hollistic Approach to Modern times in the City, Real understanding on what is happening in your life, Spiritual Clarity

It is through our physical self that we can awaken to whom we truly are.

How do we do this? Through our senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch -- each sense is a doorway inviting us to rediscover the pleasure and rewards of being in our bodies, being in the present, and appreciating our surroundings.

Our senses are continuously providing information about the world around us, but we don't always open ourselves to receive all that data. We often focus on only one or two of our senses and so miss the full picture of what is happening inside and outside our bodies. When we focus on life with all our senses engaged, we start perceiving things differently, because we feel them more fully. This sensory awakening can be used to discover an inner richness and self-awareness, while bringing us more fully into the present moment.

We spend much of our lives in a half-awake, half-committed state of being. We are half-present to our own lives, much less to the lives of those around us. We may be too much inside ourselves, worrying about the future, reliving the past, or getting lost in fantasy. Or we may be living too much outside ourselves, ignoring our inner processes and feelings or throwing ourselves into work and other diversions in order not to feel.

With the demands on our time, we often forget our commitment to deeper values and possibilities. We tune out our bodies and others in our rush to get "more important" things done. We forget to feel and breathe deeply, and so we live a bit less fully, a bit less sensually. We become less passionately involved in our world -- and in our lives. We compromise our potential. As a result, our actions feel repetitive or unfulfilling. We constantly seek ways to feel satisfied, to feel desired, noticed, or loved. If we could just feel completely, we might not feel so empty.

It is through our bodies, in the present moment, where we can completely connect with life. It is here where our hearts open and our feelings flow. Yet, the territory of the present and the realm of the heart is a place that we don't often venture into because we are too busy, too tired, too afraid, or the journey seems too arduous. The journey is indeed demanding, but it's also one of the most fulfilling.



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